The World

Yesterday I finished a good deal of my world generator. At the moment, the world is made up of HashMap<Point, Integer> which is fairly easy to use but will be slower as the map will reach its final size (I try to get at least 20000*20000 walkable tiles). During creation, several Maps are created, such as one for height, one for forest. The important one contains the tile flag, a simple int that tells the game logic what type of Tile (enum) it is dealing with. Continue reading

Revival of Bronze and Faith

It has been a long, long time since I last laid hands on Bronze and Faith's Code. To be honest, it became a stillborn project, mainly because I lacked knowledge about general programming patterns and specific Java tools. On the other hand, the game idea itself was always there. I edited the concept paper from time to time, rewrote it at some time to be more concise (although I will rewrite it again soon). Some of the features were left behind, the megalomania scoped back, and instead I focused on how the big features (crafting and religion) should really behave and feel like during play. In other words: the concept has ripened well and is ready to be written into a game. Continue reading

Skills and Screen problem

Been a little while since my last post. I have worked on the skills. There is a skill class with all the variables that will do most of the math (and there will be a LOT of it). Actions will mostly be Strings in an ArrayList which will be unlocked as soon as some variables are high enough. There is an updater in the skill class that makes that check. Later on, I think I will have the Skill as top class which gathers all the "subskills", like fighting skills, woodcraft skills etc... . Just because I like to keep my classes small and structured.

Continue reading