Short description of what it is now:

A pile of code that renders a barren island with varying terrain. Some guy is walking around naked.

These are the planned development stages:

-World generator

Have the Game work as a world generator and output a complete world, with fauna, flora and villages. The player is free to explore the world but he cannot interact with it.

-First Survival Package

Now the Player is alive! He has basic needs and has to provide for his own survival. He can gather nature's fruit and meat. By combining sticks and stones, he can create his first set of primitive tools. A simple combat system will be implemented for hunting. The inventory is fully working, with equipment, weight and space management.


The Skilling system becomes alive. It is in slumber still and works only for a few things, but can be easily extended.


the underlying health system will be developed a bit more. You need be cautious about what you eat, but to be honest: at that stage of the game most perils aren't even implemented yet.

- Parcours

You will learn to use different stances. In effect, they will allow you to cross different types of terrain such as water, but also to dodge, dance and do whatever you want with your body. Many actions will depend on your stance.

- Blood & Steel

The fighting System needs to be fully implemented. It will work on flesh dummys first but can easily be ported to live human beings. Armor will finally be more than just something to hide your nakedness.

- Grower

Herbal and wildlife systems become active. Finally, you don't always end up eating all the animals on the island. Give them some time and they reproduce. Herbs will have some effect on you. Bad news: among the many funny mushrooms will be some that will kill you within a few hours.

- First Contact

Basic interaction with fellow human beings. You can trade goods and do smalltalk. Don't expect them to tell you anything interesting though.

- Brains

NPCs have needs too. They will finally have some basic motivation to do anything. Someone taught them to walk around obstacles and to manage their own inventory. They even talk to each other.

- Village needs

Villagers will start thinking as entity and try to improve their situation. Jobs will become important, tasks are distributed among professionals. You can finally join a village and take a job.

- First Love

The Villagers are chatting about you. You can now woo women and bed them, or rape some bandits and make them your rivals for life time. People and villages now react to your actions and to your appearance.

- Perfect Job

Every job will be worked out in detail, enabling the skill system to grow. You can become apprentice or be a teacher. Learn secret techniques to give your crafting a boost. The best thing: Bronze. No, no, wait: Iron. Yes, there is Iron. No, it won't be easy to craft.

-Stone after Stone

Building system will be improved, enabling to compose large buildings and set ownership. Villages can now be seen expanding.

- Rumours and Events

Reputation will be spread. People start recognizing events and telling fragments of them to each other, composing stories and eventually influencing their crafts with it. Depending on your actions, you might well be part of it.

- Shadows and hunters

Shadows will introduce a stealth system. It will help with hunting and tracking, but also when infiltrating villages and avoid being detected. Now you can start becoming a successful thief and being a professional rapist is also in your reach.

- Predators

Someone eats away your meat. Preys on your prey. Dangerous animals have arisen and kill cute bunnies and careless hunters. They might even invade villages in the night. Hunting has suddenly become much more dangerous, but also more rewarding.

- The Lion

Hierarchy will be established within villages. You gain more power over people who respect you. You can finally make it to the top of the ladder and be chieftain. Prepare for fights.

- Behind your back

Those nasty NPCs have been developing behind your back! An abstract system will keep track of development in villages that are out of your reach. You will notice things will change. But you will also probably notice that things run smooth and some interesting events have been developing in that village after you planted the poop on the chieftain's throne months ago.

- Hot and Cold

Seasons will come in effect, making survival harder. Nature will react to it. Let's hope you have access to some interior tiles with a fine fireplace or else you should prepare for some nasty frostbite. Did I say fire? Fire BURNS!

- Set Sails

First contact with the open sea. You will meet death while trying to cross the map border. Other than that, you can build and use boats, the fishing simulation will be reorganized and made more interesting.


Finally, we will learn how to compose sentences and make proper use of grammar. Prepare for long, illustrative descriptions of everything you see.

- Godly visions

You can now create a deity and start spreading your religion. In addition to that, your subconscious will develop. Sometimes, you gather so much experience that your subconscious (or some metaphysical entity) will send you visions. Visions will have different effects, among which the most notable and rarest will be learning new techniques. Do not expect visions to be a reliable source of "leveling up" though.

- Rivalry

Villages can now engage in diplomacy with each other. These can be simple trade agreements or hateful declarations of war. Raid those bastards on the other side of the river and make them your slaves!

- Plague

Plagues and sicknesses now are a thing. Animals can be sick, single people get sick, whole villages will be eradicated by plagues and yes, you can now contract STDs.

- Jolly good home

Whatever has been missing for your home will be implemented. Want a nicely crafted clay pot? There you have it. Want to have a bear skull as a drinking container? Got it. Hare furs for slippers? No problem. Oh, and your manly adventures can result in having children. They won't grow up at that stage but inherit some of your skill points and items and you can continue playing as them if you kick the bucket.

- More Mana!

The circle is closing. All those promised features are somehow implemented, only the religious side still feels a bit bleak. Now you can compose rituals and make the human masses your slaves. Killing people on an altar is finally considered an appropriate ritual. You can now flavour your religion with your actions and skills. Set on to spread the religion on the whole island and see other priests elevating you to a true prophet, becoming godlike on your own. On your word, people will kill each other, villages will burn and women by the thousands will bear your children. Finally the time has come to start realizing your megalomaniac visions of a giant temple.

  Imminent development stages: Legend:
  • Planned for near future but not yet touched
  • Currently working on
  • Partially done
  • Done and working

  • Height map generation using noise (simplex and cell)
  • Forest map generation (needle, leaf and mixed)
  • Island isolating
  • River running
  • Clay distribution
  • Swamp filling
  • Ore distribution
  • Village center placing
  • Natural landmark correction
  • Store a 200*200 map and read it out in a reasonable time
  • Store a 20.000*20.000 map and read it out in a reasonable time
  • Simulate village development and build the village.
    • Buildings
    • Professions and tech level
    • Culture
    • Religion
    • Populate with humans
    • Populate with job specific items
    • Create village stock
    • Village relation
  • Distribute animals, herbs, natural items
  • Find someone who will draw 2000+Tiles for me
  • Display Tiles on Screen when I want, where I want
  • GUI
    • Concept
    • Design
    • Implementation
  • Define overall graphic style for the game
  • Creature Builder
  • Item Builder
  • Structure Builder
  • Make content readable from simple text files (for easy modding later on)
  • Rewrite the concept documentation once again