Revival of Bronze and Faith

It has been a long, long time since I last laid hands on Bronze and Faith's Code. To be honest, it became a stillborn project, mainly because I lacked knowledge about general programming patterns and specific Java tools. On the other hand, the game idea itself was always there. I edited the concept paper from time to time, rewrote it at some time to be more concise (although I will rewrite it again soon). Some of the features were left behind, the megalomania scoped back, and instead I focused on how the big features (crafting and religion) should really behave and feel like during play. In other words: the concept has ripened well and is ready to be written into a game. Then, not so long ago I had learnt enough about programming in general, but also about Java development, that I wanted to get back to coding the game. I decided to entirely rewrite the engine and use a graphical Tile System instead of the old character display (which was also a tileset in disguise). Within few hours learning stuff about java.swing I had a screen filled with some doodly grass texture and a crudely drawn human in front of me. The following day, the player could move, the floor was littered from random dummy objects created by an Item Builder. And on it went, and I am sure that I'm much further in development than last time. Last time I had different screens and wolves attacking me, but I didn't really understand what was happening, I could somehow follow the code (which I learnt from a tutorial) but not reproduce it. Right now, I am only following patterns and work out the details mostly by myself which is, in my opinion, a huge step in understanding any programming language. So yes, Bronze and Faith is back! Even though I already have a moving character, I am dedicating all my time to world generation. In the next post, I will write about this.

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