Coming close to stage 1

I am halfway to stage 1 -"World generator" of the development scale. So far, everything is sorted nice and fine which allows for an easier workflow. Adding a new source of Material is just a matter of a few hours. There are a few things missing:

  • Village development is still in its early stage. A resource scout calculates rich regions on the island and marks these as a potential starting location for a village. That's about it. What I really need is simulating the development from a Point of Interest towards a real village, with people having jobs.

  • Trees don't yet behave the way I want. They are distributed on the island but they create performance issues. I need to check what is wrong with them.

  • Natural items and animals will be spread quite randomly at this stage, but I still need to have some control over the amount per region.

  • The most important and difficult thing necessary to complete stage 1 is the User Interface. Me and my artist contact need to decide to what extend we will implement a graphical interface and how it will look. I need to work on user interaction and see what feels most natural to do. I need to prepare for a huge amount of possible actions that will be added later in game. Menus will need to be linked, buttons mapped etc... .

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